We have had to privilege to partner with Juan and Marissa in many ways beginning in 2008 when Juan came to Jackson on an outreach trip to assist our church. Since his move back to Ecuador we have been able to send several teams to serve La Fuente, especially with teaching opportunities. Juan has a great desire to equip those in the church to grow into Christlike maturity. He also desires to equip other pastors and church leaders in the surrounding areas so that they too can fulfill the mission of the church of making disciples. Our church looks forward to our future partnership with Juan, Marissa, and La Fuente.

Erick Davis

Pastor of Cornerstone Church
Jackson, WY

I am very thankful for the ministry of the Moncayos in Quito, Ecuador. Jota, his family and his church (La Fuente) are committed to the gospel of Jesus, to expositional teaching, to biblical discipleship/biblical counseling and to equipping believers to do the work of ministry as they share the good news of Jesus in Ecuador and around the world. The Lord has given them and their church a significant influence in south America and He is blessing their efforts to train believers and spread the good news of Christ in many countries. I had the privilege of being Jota’s biblical counseling supervisor and also was blessed to travel to their church to interact with their church family. I highly recommend these dear friends and their work to you. Their love for Christ is infectious and I know you will be encouraged in your interactions with them.

Dr. Keith Palmer

Associate Pastor
Grace Bible Church TX/ACBC Board Member

I have known Juan and Marissa Moncayo for years, first as students serving faithfully at the college where I served and then as co-laborers across International lines as I stayed and they wen. Juan was a Resident Assistand under me, leading a wing of college guys during his Junior and senior years. That wing followed Juan because he bled with the love of his Savior. Then he lived with our family for a year, wrestling with our 3-year-old and mentoring students at a Christian school and sharing the gospel at local parks. Juan and Marissa love Jesus, love Ecuador, and understand what the global church needs. They are committed to reaching and teaching, spreading and stabilizing, external outreach and internal growth. They grasp this balance and have ethe passion and the gifting to live it out in everyday life. Over the years since we first met, their passions haven’t waxed and waned but have blossomed and bloomed. I commend their ministry to you, as far as the curse is found.

David ‘Gunner’ Gundersen

Lead Pastor
BridgePoint Bible ChurchHouston, Texas

“I had the privilege to send a short-term team from the Master’s University to serve alongside the Moncayo’ s. They have been a huge blessing to those students who were able to serve, and I have been encouraged to hear about their ministry. Juan and Marissa are dedicated to their church family and the work of the Gospel among those at La Fuente. They are not only concerned about the teaching of God’s word, but also about the application of the word in the lives of their congregation. I am excited to hear of how the Lord will continue to use them among those in Quito.”

Joshua English

Director of Outreach
The Master’s University

I had the privilege to lead our congregation in worship alongside a dear brother for over two years in Newhall, CA. I had the privilege to see this brother bow to God’s will as he returned to Ecuador not knowing what God was going to do through him in his native country. I had the privilege to meet his perfect mate in life and ministry and witness two young individuals committed to the Gospel and to each other. I’ve had the privilege to see a young man grow into a pastor of souls in Ecuador. I’ve had the privilege to see a congregation hear the pure Gospel of Christ from the heart and mouth of a man who is in love with His Savior. I’ve had the privilege to dream with this young pastor about the glorious opportunities ahead to see the gospel of Christ reach more and more people in Ecuador. I’ve had the privilege to call Juan Fernando Moncayo a dear brother and friend and I am certain that is the case of any individual who has come in contact with him and his wife.

Mario Aguilar

Senior Director
International Ministry Development Latin America Children’s Hunger Fund

Marissa (Hoffman) Moncayo began attending Bible Church of Brownsburg along with her parents in 2006. During her time with us, her love for the Lord was clearly evident through her warmhearted and uplifting sprit. Juan and Marissa were married in our church by our pastor, Kirby Myers, in 2010 and soon moved to Ecuador. Our time with them has demonstrated that their individual love, passion, and service for the Lord Jesus Christ is now their shared desired. I have been able to travel to Ecuador and to minister along side Juan and Marissa as they serve the Lord in Juan’s home country. Time on the field with them further demonstrated their desire to make an impact for the gospel in Ecuador. They love Christ and His Church. They are committed to reaching the lost, preaching God’s Word, and discipling other believers. It is a blessing and a privilege for Bible Church or Brownsburg to support and partner with Juan and Marissa in their ministry in Ecuador as they seek to advance Christ’s kingdom.

Wade Danforth – Elder

Bible Church of Brownsburg
Brownsburg, Indiana, USA

Jota spent a couple of years at our church during which time we got to see closely his heart for lost people, particularly young people caught up within a hopeless worldview. We had the privilege of sharpening his focus on Scriptural truth and investing in this true evangelist for the Lord. He responded with a mind eager to learn and a teachable spirit. Subsequently he attended The Master’s College and greatly extended his learning and preparation for ministry. Now he is serving the Lord in his home country of Ecuador and desires to make an impact for the gospel and Christ’s church there. Each step of the way we have seen his heart for the Lord Jesus and God’s guidance upon his life. It is a privilege for our church in Maryland to be connected to him, his wife, and their work in Ecuador advancing the kingdom of God!

Pastor Tom Leake

Hope Bible Church
Columbia, Maryland, USA

first met Juan at Hershey Park at a Christian music festival while on a summer mission trip. Juan was working with a clothing company who went on to become one of our biggest partners during our summer travels. Over the next 7 years I spent my summers on the road with Juan as we ministered at music festivals, abortion clinics and many other events. Juan has been a true brother and inspiration to me and my ministry. Over the years I have also been blessed to work with and build relationships with Juan and his whole family; I feel as if I am a Moncayo whenever I am around them. While I know he can no longer spend his summers with us in America, I know we will both be prayer for the work God has each of us doing.

Bryan Kemper

Pro-Life Speaker and Author

My time will the Moncayo’s and the folks at La Fuente was delightful! The congregation is eager to study the Scriptures and to care for one another. Juan and Marissa have walked well with their people, and the church is steadily increasing their in interest and participation in discipleship and outreach through Biblical counseling and mercy ministry. The Moncayo’s energy and direction in ministry is inspiring to me!

Dr. Lisa LaGeorge

Director, CHF Academy
Children’s Hunger Fund

My friend Juan Moncayo has a heart for people, loves Jesus, and was gifted with creativity to try just about anything in order to show people how much Jesus loves them too. I’ve been blessed to see Juan in action over the last several years, and know that whoever he works with will benefit greatly from Juan’s desire to live out his calling.

Nate Ernsberge

Compassion USA Regional
Speakers Director